Thesis Topics

Thesis topics evolve as our project. At this point in time (spring 2018) an HCAL prototype is under construction for beam tests at CERN in 2018 and at Fermilab (USA) in 2019-20, which opens opportunities in hardware, detector operation and data analysis. Prototype detector elements for the CMS upgrade are also becoming available from 2018 onwards.

In general, there are interesting challenges in all areas; our students are active in

  • Characterisation of hardware components such as micro-electronics ASICSs or prototype detector elements: being the first to put hands on latest products
  • Participation in test beam campaigns: installation, commissioning and data taking: a real particle physics experiment, just smaller in size and time span.
  • Development of calibration and reconstruction software: understand the detector from bits to GeVs
  • Analysis of test beam data: study the evolution of showers in 4 dimensions: high 3D granularity and time resolution

We often combine hardware work with physics studies, using test beam data or simulated ILC data for physics studies. To get an impression, look at some recent theses.

Please contact Felix Sefkow and Katja Kr├╝ger to learn about the actual situation.