FLC - Forschung mit Lepton Collidern

Group members

The e-mail adresses are not displayed in plain text to avoid spam. The adresses of the active members are built from their first names (with dots inbetween if more than one) and their family name (also seperated by a dot). This is followed by the domain part: "@desy.de".

Subgroup Members

Jenny List (Subgroup Leader)  
Gudrid Moortgat-Pick (Subgroup Leader)  
Mikael Berggren (Postdoc)  
Madalina Chera (PhD student)  
Moritz Habermehl (PhD student)  
Shin-ichi Kawada (Postdoc)  
Suvi-Leena Lehtinen (PhD student)  
Swathi Sasikumar (PhD student)  
Yan Wang (Postdoc)  
Jakob Beyer (Master Student)