FLC - Forschung mit Lepton Collidern


Measurement of the Higgs-Selfcoupling

The measuring the Higgs selfcoupling is the final corner stone in establishing the Higgs mechanism as the origin of the masses of elementary particles. We currently investigate ways to improve this very challenging analysis, especially at the lowest possible center-of-mass energies near 500 GeV.

Measurement of the Higgs Total Decay Width

Electron-positron collider with sufficient center-of-mass energy offer a unique possibility for the model-independent determination of the total decay width of the Higgs by measuring the Higgs production cross-section via WW-fusion and the partial decay width of the Higgs in a pair of W bosons.
  • most recent publication on this topic: J.Tian, C.Dürig, Determine the Higgs total width with WW-fusion production at ILC up to 500 GeV,
    Icon LC-REP-2013-022 (751KB)
    , arXiv:1403.7734