FLC - Forschung mit Lepton Collidern

Linear Collider Notes

The Linear Collider Notes had to be migrated due to a technical problem on the original host. At the same time the editing and hosting system shall be renewed, as the former system is no longer suitable. Unfortunately, the service will be temporarily unavailable for this reason.

Reading LC Notes

As a temporary solution all published LC Notes are available as PDF files here. There is also a text file with some metadata about the notes, called index.txt.

All notes will be migrated into the DESY Publication Database. Some of them already are available there (listed below). You can search with the keyword "LC Note" directly in the database.

If you have special requests you can contact LC Notes Migration

Handing in LC Notes

The process for publication will have to be be handled manually until a new system is in place. Please send a mail to Submit LC Note, containing the following points:

Author Name(s):
E-mail (lists comma-separated):
Note Title:
Working Group:
File Path/Link to pdf/ps:

LC Notes in the DESY Publication Database