Novel multimodal endoscopic probes for simultaneous PET/ultrasound imaging for image-guided interventions - EndoTOFPET-US

In the frame of this project it is foreseen to design and build one prototype of a bi-modal PET-US (Positron Emission Tomography and Ultrasound) endoscopic probe combining in a miniaturized system a fully digital, 200ps time resolution Time of Flight PET detector head (TOF-PET) coupled to a commercial ultrasound (US) assisted biopsy endoscope and to launch a pilot clinical study focusing on pancreatic cancer, after a first step of preclinical feasibility tests on pigs. As an example of novel development of biomarkers, promising antibodies already developed for pancreatic cancer will be pushed towards clinical application.
This work is funded as an EU FP7 project and will be carried on over the period of four years (2011-2014) as a collaborative effort of 13 institutes in Europe. DESY is work package leader for WP5, and is responsible for the detector integration.

External plate housing

Transrectal ultrasound probe with PET extension

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