Prototype Developement

Our group is developing and testing various kinds of prototypes for a possible hadronic calorimeter for the ILC. So far we have three prototypes for different purposes:


The Minical is a very small sandwich calorimeter, with active layers of 30x30 cm2, that was used to chose the best read-out technology for an analogue hadronic calorimeter. It was alternatingly operated with MAPMs, APDs, and SiPMs in the DESY testbeam. SiPMs were chosen for the next prototype generation.

See the MiniCal page for more details.

Physic Prototype

The Physics prototype is a sandwich calorimeter, with active layers of 90x90 cm2. As part of the CALICE program, it was operated over several years in testbeam campaigns at DESY, CERN and FNAL. The task of this prototype was to gain experience in the long-term operation of a large amount of SiPMs, and to collect hadronic showers with an unprecedented spatial granularity.

See the physics prototype page for more details.

Engineering Prototype

The third generation prototype is part of the european EUDET project. It is a scalable to an ILC calorimeter, and should demonstrate the mechanical feasability and the possibility to integrate power-pulsing electronics inside the actice volume.

See the EUDET prototype page for more details.