The MiniCal - A Small Hadronic Calorimeter Prototype

MiniCal overview
Figure 1: MiniCal stack
The MiniCal was a small calorimeter prototype build and operated at DESY testbeam within the CALICE collaboration.
The purpose of this prototype was to gain experience in using new read out technics for a possible hadronic calorimeter (ILD calorimeter) of the future linear collider (ILC). It was also the predessesor of a larger prototype (internally called 'physics prototype'), which is making exessively use of the new readout scheme with SiPM readout.
The design of the MiniCal was simple. The MiniCal was a sampling calorimeter with 28 steel absorber plates. Each plate had a thicknes of 20 mm. The plates were stacked with a gap of 10 mm holding place for cassettes of 9 plastic scintillators with different readout technics. The plate sizes were 30x30 cm2. The scintillator tiles had a size of 5x5 cm2.
The scintillator tiles were read out with three different detectors:
  • Photomultipliers - 2 Hamamatsu MAPM reading out up to 13 layers
  • APDs - 33 pieces of 3x3 mm Hamamatsu special types reading out up to 13 layers
  • SiPMs - 109 pieces of 1x1 mm Pulsar types (1024 pix) reading out up to 11 layers
MINICAL sideview
Figure 2: wavelength shifiting fibres for read out
MINICAL cassette
Figure 3: one active layer consisting of 3x3 tiles

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