Activities of our Group

Current work

Here you can find our current and (hopefully) future activities:

Gas Cherenkov Detector R&D
A compact two-channel prototype detector has been designed, simulated and constructed. It allows nearly all aspects of the final (multi-channel) detector to be studied and has already been operated successfully in a testbeam twice.
Quartz Cherenkov Detector R&D
As an alternative to the "classic" design with gas as a Cherenkov medium, the use of a quartz Cherenkov detector is investigated. A design for such a detector has been chosed based on simulation studies. A prototype with four channels was built and operated in a first testbeam campaign at the DESY II testbeam in spring 2013.
Photodetector Calibration Studies
Methods to measure photodetector (non-)linearities at the permille level are divised and studied in a dedicated testing facility.
Beamline Simulation
These simulations are being performed to study the spin transport, the effects of neighbouring BDS components on the particles' spins and the Cherenkov detector itself, as well as to estimate the depolarising effects in the accelerator.

At the beginning...

We started out with the original Cherenkov detector of the SLD polarimeter (2006/7):

Testbeam operation with SLD Polarimeter
In 2007, the original Cherenkov detector of the SLD polarimeter was shipped to DESY and has been operated in the DESY-II testbeam using different types of photodetectors. This section summarises our first testbeam experiences and some of the results from those measurements.