The FLC TPC Group

Figure 1: Artist impression of the ILD detector concept (click on picture to see larger version).

The ILD concept (Figure 1) is one of the two proposed detector concepts for the International Linear Collider, ILC. Its main tracking detector is planned to be a Time Projection Chamber (TPC). The TPC allows a three-dimensional reconstruction of trajectories of charged particles in a high track density environment.

Our subgroup (FLC-TPC) is involved in various topics of the R&D for the ILD TPC. This includes testing and studies of gas amplification structures with Gas Electron Multipliers (GEM), the development and construction of prototypes for the TPC field cage, the reconstruction and analysis software as well as the construction and testing of read-out electronics. Further, we support the testbeam setup and infrastructure at DESY used by the LCTPC collaboration for detector prototype tests.

A general introduction in the principles of a TPC and GEM amplification can be found on the basics page. The various fields of our work are presented in detail on the projects pages. Offers for students interested to work with us are listed on the theses page.