Currently, we are working towards our next test beam at DESY II this year with a significantly improved readout hardware. For the modules mounting and gluing of the GEMs onto the ceramic frames alongside with an improved endcap design for the Large Prototype TPC is developed. The high voltage stability of the GEMs is investigated to make a long lifetime with minimal degradation possible. Also, we are developing an external silicon tracker to be used as reference tracker for the Large Prototype inside the 1 T magnet.

A different topic is the development of a new readout scheme called ROPPERI. GEMs and a pad plane will be combined with a pixelized readout that allows for very small pad sizes and a large number of channels. Hopefully, this will allow for an improved particle identification while keeping the high flexibility and area occupancy of a separate pad board.

From our former projects some are still in use and some are now part of our infrastructure. Most recently we are working on our simulation and on the abovementioned hardware topics: