MarlinTPC is a software package with the goal to enable the R&D groups of the LCTPC collaboration to perform detailed analysis and simulations.

Initially, in the proof of concept phase, many groups of the LCTPC collaboration used their own, more or less specific reconstruction and analysis frameworks to study data taken with small prototypes.
The development and use of the common software package MarlinTPC improves the comparability of the analysis results from different readout technologies and avoids duplication of development in different groups.

MarlinTPC is based on the common ILC software frameworks LCIO (data format, persistency), Marlin (data processing chains), GEAR (geometry description) and LCCD (conditions data handling).

The MarlinTPC package consists of reconstruction and analysis parts as well as a detailed simulation down to the single electron level. It provides algorithms for hit reconstruction for all available readout types and the implementation/integration of different track finding and fitting packages. One of the final goals is to be able to study reconstruction techniques and corrections for field inhomogeneities and misalignments in the TPC.

More detailed information can be found in the MarlinTPC Wiki.